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Titusville personal injury attorney

Someone else's recklessness has caused you bodily harm, and suddenly you are facing a long physical recovery, lost wages and mounting medical bills. To make matters worse, the other party’s lawyers and insurance company are pestering you with lowball settlement offers and repeated phone calls. The personal injury attorneys at Couture Law P.A. understand how overwhelmed you are feeling right now, and that is why we encourage you to let a Titusville personal injury attorney handle the tough negotiations while you rest and recover from your injuries.

After your accident and injury

Winning a personal injury case has everything to do with presenting strong evidence that the other party caused the accident and your resulting injuries. While our Titusville injury lawyers are highly skilled at investigating accidents with our team of experts, it is extremely helpful to us when the client has gathered his or her own evidence at the scene as well. If your injuries are minor and allow you to move about freely, it is a good idea to take photos at the scene and obtain statements and contact information from witnesses. After seeing a doctor for your injuries, you should contact a Titusville personal injury lawyer to learn about your legal options.

Laws Pertaining to personal injury in Titusville, FL

Whether you were bitten by a dog, had a slip and fall accident or experienced any other type of injury, you must prove that the other party was negligent in order to win a personal injury case and obtain financial compensation. This is also the case for a wrongful death claim. Negligence simply means that the other party had a duty to not harm you but failed in that duty because of his or her careless or reckless actions. You must additionally prove that you suffered physical, mental or financial damages.

Standard personal injury laws however, do not apply to auto accidents. In the state of Florida, each person involved in an auto accident is covered by his or her own car insurance no matter who is at fault. State law dictates that each driver must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance of at least $10,000 to cover medical damages and household expenses as well as lost wages. The one exception to this law is when the injuries are serious, resulting in loss of a vital bodily function or permanent injury or disfigurement. A Titusville injury lawyer can help determine if your injuries meet the criteria in car accident, truck accident, motorcyle accident and bicycle accident cases.

Personal injury damages

If your injuries were caused by more than one person, you potentially could receive damages from everyone involved. For example, in a dog bite case, the pet sitter and the dog owner may be deemed negligent, and each will be assigned a percentage of fault. Or in an auto accident case, both the negligent driver of the vehicle that hit you and the owner of the vehicle are responsible for your harms and losses. If you are partially liable for the crash, you could even be held responsible for your portion of the damages from the accident, in which case your compensation would be reduced.

Damages include any financial burdens incurred due to having missed work during your recovery. They also cover your medical expenses, property damage, emotional trauma, loss of consortium and any permanent disabilities.

Meet with a Titusville personal injury attorney

Being overwhelmed after a serious accident can cause you to underestimate your current and future financial burdens. We have the experience to evaluate all of your harms and losses so you are not left with an incomplete recovery from the at fault party. Before you speak with the other party’s lawyers or sign anything, it is imperative that you contact a Titusville personal injury attorney at Couture Law P.A. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.