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Palm Bay Slip and Fall Attorneys

Most slip and fall accidents in Brevard County take place in areas that are dimly lighted or on walking surfaces that are slippery or uneven. In many cases, the property owner knew of the hazard but failed to properly mark the area to warn people of the danger. Some slip and fall accidents occur because a business owner failed to follow safety regulations or correct dangerous environmental conditions in a timely manner. Examples of hazardous conditions in Palm Bay, Titusville and Melbourne include ice-covered stairs or sidewalks, wet floors, cracks on walking paths, faulty stair railings and wet boat docks.

Common slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall accidents can lead to anything from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries that land you in the emergency room. These injuries can include sprains, strains, concussions, internal bleeding, broken bones, back injuries and spinal cord injuries. Some injuries seemingly are minor at first, but you should always seek medical attention to be on the safe side. A healthcare professional can perform a thorough workup to determine if any of the injuries might lead to chronic pain and suffering down the road.

Immediately after the accident

If your injuries aren’t so severe that you need to be taken away in an ambulance, you should immediately begin gathering evidence at the scene of your fall. This can include taking photographs and making notes about the conditions in the area as well as obtaining statements and contact information from witnesses. If the personal injury occurred in a place of business, you should speak with the manager in charge, who will likely have you fill out an accident report. Your next step is to consult with one of the Palm Bay slip and fall lawyers at Couture Law P.A. Once we take your case, we will immediately begin gathering evidence to attempt to prove that the property owner was negligent.

Proving fault in a slip and fall case

The task of your Palm Bay slip and fall attorney is to prove that your accident was caused by dangerous conditions on the property. We also must prove that the property owner was aware or should have been aware of the hazard but failed to mark the area or correct the problem. While proving negligence might sound simple, this is a very complex area of law and it requires the expertise of an experienced Palm Bay slip and fall lawyer.

Meet with a Palm Bay slip and fall lawyer

Slip and fall accidents can negatively impact your quality of life and destroy you financially. The Melbourne slip and fall lawyers at Couture Law, P.A. have decades of combined experience in gathering the necessary evidence to prove the property owner's fault so that you can recover every dollar you need to return to physical and financial well being. To schedule your legal consultation, contact one of our Palm Bay slip and fall attorneys today. We represent clients throughout Brevard County, including Palm Bay, Titusville and Melbourne FL.