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Palm Bay Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are commonly the result of one driver's inattention, either due to distraction, carelessness, drugs or alcohol. The ensuing inconvenience pales in comparison to the medical bills, car repairs, lost time from work and insurance claims. The process can take weeks, months or even years. Some victims never fully recover from injuries sustained in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence. This is why it’s important to have Palm Bay car accident lawyers, like Couture Law P.A., on your side.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you know that there’s a lot of chaos that immediately follows, especially if someone has been injured: emergency services are called, bystanders and witnesses gather and a flurry of activity occurs when the first responders arrive. Everything seems to be out of your control. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several recommended courses of action after the initial 911 call, while you wait for the police and other first responders to arrive:

  • Stay calm. Panic only makes the situation worse.
  • If you are injured, do not move. Do not get out of your car, if possible.
  • Do not discuss the accident with other participants or witnesses. Speak only to the police. It may be hard not to talk about what happened, but with all the chaos, you need to be sure that your story is exactly your story – without influence from other participants or bystanders. Do not admit fault or liability.
  • Get information from the other driver: name, driver's license and vehicle information, including VIN. Most drivers know this is an important step, but in the confusion of an accident, it’s often forgotten.

What you do after the dust settles and the cars are towed away is just as critical as what you do right after the accident. This is the time to call your insurance agent, and directly afterward, call Couture Law P.A.'s Palm Bay car accident attorneys. We represent auto accident clients throughout Brevard County, including Melbourne, Palm Bay and Titusville.

Did you know...

  • In 2007, 212,149 people were injured in a car accident in Florida. (4,549 were in Brevard County). That’s one person every 2½ minutes.
  • The chances of being in an automobile accident increase in the early evening, especially on Fridays.
  • Drivers between the ages of 15 and 19 have the highest rate of involvement in a car crash. The attorneys at Couture Law P.A. represent car accident injury victims in Brevard County, including Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville and the rest of the Space Coast, as well as surrounding cities. Their experienced team of expert personal injury attorneys understands your individual needs, and cares about you and your unique situation.